Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Student Ministry Resources

Don't miss these new Student Ministry resources!

Downloadable Resources
With fall comes a new beginning, a new year of teaching and making disciples. We have several resources to meet your needs from the video-driven Fuel series, the tried and true Life Focus, and the holistic KNOWN Bible study. We also have many short-term discipleship offerings including 4-session KNOWN studies, the Vital Series, and more available for download. To see all the downloadable resources just click here.

Are You Developing Students or Your Own Student Ministry?
This study explains LifeWay’s strategy for student’s spiritual development to student ministers and volunteer workers. Written conversationally, it is designed to be both read by the volunteer youth leader and studied in a youth ministry classroom. Stories, examples, and illustrations are used to help readers understand the KNOWN strategy and how to implement it in their own student ministries. Topics include: a biblical foundational for student ministry; building a KNOWN student ministry; building KNOWN students; church and home (the two God-given institutions); and transformational church: the “so what.” Read more...

Path To Purity: A Family Guide
Conversations and direction about pure living should start early in a child’s life and carry into adulthood. This resource for parents outlines the new TLW 3.0 emphasis upon purity as a lifetime process. Revisit True Love Waits, understand the current state of affairs regarding purity and sexual abstinence and be introduced to TLW 3.0 with The Path. Examine purity markers for each stage of life from childhood to young adulthood and address detours that sidetrack kids, their parental role, and how to partner with the Church as they encourage their children toward a life of purity. Parents will be encouraged and equipped to guide their children all along this path of purity. Read more...

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!