Monday, August 9, 2010

Is The U.S. Spiritually Heading The Way Of The U.K.?

By LifeWay Staff

Imagine a future when most people in North America do not go to church, when many people have never even been in a church building and when more people than ever do not believe in God.

Dennis Pethers, an evangelist in the United Kingdom, said that pessimistic future view of Christian faith is Western Europe’s reality.

“The U.K. is, unfortunately, farther down the road than many other western countries in terms of ‘post Christianity,’” Pethers says. “Ministering within this context has provided me with valuable insights that can help other nations to avoid what seems inevitable decline.”

Pethers developed a strategy of four stories to communicate a powerful witness to people in the U.K. who didn’t know the language of Christianity. He called it “More to Life.” LifeWay released an American version of "
More to Life" last fall and added a companion group of resources to make communicating the message even easier.

The “More to Life” approach decodes Christianity by helping people relate to Scripture through the remarkable, true stories found in the Bible. This approach describes salvation as the ultimate way to add more to life. It communicates what salvation is like through the stories of people who were “far from God,” as Pethers and his ministry define being spiritually lost. The people who were far from God explain what happened when they heard “God’s story,” the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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