Saturday, July 10, 2010

New DVD Driven Small-Group Series - "The Platform Series"

The Platform Series

Our world has never been more desperate for solid, relevant teaching from the Bible. Small groups are certainly no exception. To meet the need for trusted teaching in our groups, homes, and other communities, LifeWay Small Groups has partnered with gifted teachers and pastors to develop the Platform Series—an easy-to lead, small-group Bible study experience that requires only a DVD player and a member book, not expert leaders and facilitators. Each small-group study is driven by words straight from the church platform. Like sheep without a shepherd, a small group can tend to wander a bit. The Platform Series helps keep the group focused and completely engaged. Each release in the series includes six small group experiences based on 20-minute sermonette videos. The study guide includes discussion questions, weekly challenges, and extrabiblical information for more in-depth study. Each leader kit provides a DVD and a study guide.
Here are the first three releases in The Platform Series:

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