Thursday, June 3, 2010

"When Life Is Hard" Bible Study

Based on James MacDonald's book, When Life Is Hard, this study shows how MacDonald's teachings came out of his personal struggles during a season of trials. His difficulties included a budget disaster in a multi-million dollar building project, a family crisis, friends’ tragedy, and personal health issues when James discovered he had cancer. In fact, he preached the heart of this message while going through treatment for prostate cancer. He shares the biblical truths and principles that helped him deal with the trials of life that can provide hope to all who deal with the difficulties of life.

When Life Is Hard Leader Kit includes: 6 sessions; DVDs of James teaching each session, approximately 45 minutes each; DVD introductions filmed on location in Israel; Member Book; and When Life Is Hard Book

Benefits: Provides hope based on biblical truth; Reminds participants of the trials that Jesus faced and how God uses our hard times to refine us

What Are Trials?
Why Trials?
What to Do with Trials
What If I Refuse This Trial?
Why Some Trials Never End
Come Forth as Gold


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