Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making Ministry Transitions (Or Not)

As I write this I have just returned home from a day trip up into Central Texas to visit one of my great churches. I needed to deliver some resources they had requested and while there I hoped to visit with the pastor about a staff vacancy they are about to experience. In anticipation of my trip I had pulled together six resumes of well qualified candidates to share with the pastor.

As God would have it, I did have the opportunity to visit with this pastor to personally speak to him about the six potential candidates. Three of the candidates are seeking new ministry positions because their current churches are deleting their positions due to budget cuts in our tough economy. The other three candidates find themselves in challenging situations of various sorts none of their own doing and are looking for new possibilities. All six are fine men who are well qualified and have served with distinction.

Then, on the way home I stopped by to see one of my colleagues who has just made the hard decision to retire and is now beginning to wrestle with the transition.

All this to say…ministry transitions are on my mind and heart today.

Upon arriving home I found a great ministry article in my Inbox. It was a timely reminder to me about some important elements related to leadership, ministry, and making decisions whether to transition (or not).

Enjoy this article by Gordon MacDonald entitled Annual Direction Diagnostics: Eight issues to consider once a year to make sure you are still serving in the right place.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!