Sunday, June 20, 2010

Connecting People In Bible Study

Bible Fellowship Connect

By Jeff Young

In talking to guests who had become regular attenders of Worship and other frequent guests of various ministries in our Church, we began to ask them how their experience was going in finding a Bible Fellowship (SS class). As we began to share lessons from these conversations with our team, it was obvious we had a problem. If guests did not come with members already engaged in a Bible Fellowship, the likelihood of them finding a class to connect with lessened significantly. “Where do you begin?” “How do you choose?” “What should we expect?” These were some of the questions regular attenders were asking.

Honestly, we knew that we had answered these questions in our New Member class, on our website and via brochures that were accessible throughout the Church. Regardless of those efforts, there were still lots of people who had not connected with a class. This led to the creation of “Bible Fellowship Connect”.

Due to your busy schedule and space limitations of this article, let me be brief. Bible Fellowship Connect is simply a tool to help move people from the Worship Center to a small group setting. After two of these events, we increased our average attendance by 70 people, and more importantly, connected 70+ people to community, ministry and Bible Study. This tool can be leveraged for on-campus and off-campus groups. It’s inexpensive - the cost is in the time given to networking and publicity.

Here are the basics...

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!