Thursday, May 20, 2010

Connecting High School Seniors On College Campuses

I had the pleasure to visit with Steve Masters, BSM Director at LSU, recently while visiting with the Louisiana Baptist Convention staff. It was a great visit with a great guy (and a big deer hunter). In our conversation he reminded me of through the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

You have invested a tremendous amount of time, ministry and prayer in the lives of the high school seniors in your church. Now, you may experience some concern over how prepared they are for their next step into college. I'm sure you are aware of the tremendous decline in church attendance and commitment to Christ that often occurs when these seniors head off to college.

There is a ministry in place that is designed to help prevent this decline and we ask you to invest one more action in the ministry you have placed in their lives. Go to the website link - - and register your high school seniors on this site. You will see that a Baptist Campus Minister will be given the information you submit and make it a point to befriend that student when they arrive on campus (if not before).

If something prevents you or an associate from doing this, then publicize the website in a letter to your parents and allow them to do it. I know when my children headed off to college, I wanted to do everything in my power to help them stay connected to a source for spiritual development. Thanks for what you have done for your students and thank you for doing this one thing more!

Until next time...share the journye and enjoy the ride!