Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Today’s Teens Are Doing Right

By Alice Baldwin
This article is courtesy of Living with Teenagers.

Martha Hall, 17, helps out with the Vacation Bible School program at her church, attends Sunday School and Wednesday night youth group, baby-sits regularly to make a little money, and wants to study elementary education when she goes to college next year. But is she the exception, or the rule?
Parents hear a lot about what’s wrong with teens today. From the media. From teachers. From employers. But what is the millennial generation doing right?
A report on a conference of the National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) says speakers concluded that these young people, born between 1982 and the present, are far from clueless when it comes to making the right choices. And the mindset they have now, aggravating as it may be will serve these young adults well in the future.
Basically, members of the millennial generation:
• Have a great self-image. Millennials are a generation destined to achieve great things. They won’t turn their backs on problems as previous generations have done, but will fix the obstacles inherent in our society.

• Like being protected. Unlike the baby boom generation, these teens have no memory of a time without crime, drugs, violence, and technological and biological warfare. They desire protection and respect those who provide sanctuary.
• Stay and play together. Teamwork and peer consensus are central to this generation’s self-image. Unlike in the past, peer pressure is beneficial because prevention messages about drug abuse and drinking can be reinforced through positive peer pressure.
• Believe it is possible to change the world. The millennial generation has faith that it can change the world and make it a better place to live. Institution building, constructive attitudes, and effective political organizations are beginning to make a comeback. This generation believes their role in the world is to be dutiful, public-minded citizens. Beliefs, values, and institutions are here for good reason, and their role is to make all the pieces work together.1


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