Friday, March 19, 2010

What's Changing—And What's Not

What larger churches are teaching us about current ministry efforts.
By Marian Liautaud

Dave Travis, Managing Director of Leadership Network, is a sought after commentator on the issues facing American churches. Based on recent research and his own observations, Travis shares his insights on the state of the church in America as seen through the "keyhole" of large churches.

Things That Are Changing

1. Multi-site changes everything. An estimated 2,000 churches in America now use the multi-site model.

2. Social media. Senior pastors under 40 who are leading large churches all use social media. "Fifteen years ago, pastors were wondering how they could be less accessible," Travis says. "Today, younger pastors want more access."

3. Internet campuses. It's becoming cheaper and more accessible for all churches to incorporate internet campuses. "For some this will be a fad but for others this is going to be a big part of their reaching strategy going forward," Travis adds.

4. Online giving. "It's here, and it's growing," he says. "Younger leaders recognize that no one carries cash or checkbooks anymore."

5. Declining mobility rate. The pace of Americans who relocate at least 10 miles from their current home is slowing. A Nielsen study on declining mobility says the percent of the U.S. population that moves is at an all-time low.


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