Monday, March 29, 2010

Leadership Skills: Three Keys For Leading Change

By Johnny Hunt

This article is an excerpt of Chapter 36, "Leaders Making a Difference," in Johnny Hunt's book Building Your Leadership Resume: Developing the Legacy That Will Outlast You.

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Today may just look like any other day. Another page to turn in your calendar. Another coffee and a bagel. Another drive to the office. Just like yesterday. But it’s ordinary days like these that comprise a life. And if our hearts aren’t serious about making a difference this morning, this afternoon, this evening before we go to bed, we’ll wake up one ordinary day and wish we had another. We’ll wish we’d done more when we had the chance. We’ll wish we hadn’t viewed our meetings, appointments, and planning sessions as ordeals to slog through but as opportunities to effect lasting change.

Leaders don’t make a difference by rallying people’s enthusiasm at some big event or by launching major programs and initiatives. They make a difference by going full throttle on the Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings when everyone else is watching TV or reading cereal boxes. They make a difference by being everyday difference makers. That’s what I’ve always wanted to be. Each time the Lord has led me to begin pastoring a church, I’ve never seen it as a position to fill but as a challenge to embrace. If I was going to be serving there, I might as well be leading these people to make a dent in the kingdom of darkness and make a difference for the kingdom of God. I can sit here today and tell you that this passion has never dried up or grown the least bit stale for me. On the contrary, it burns more white-hot in me this very hour than it did this time a year ago. Making a difference. Changing the landscape. Going all out. We don’t do anybody any favors by settling for less.

If I had to put my finger on the three things that are most important when striving to lead for maximum change, I’d name these: be intentional, relational, and practical.


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