Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Ministry Resources

Last week I was over in Louisiana making church visits and attending the Louisiana Baptist Religious Educators Association (LBREA) Annual Retreat held this year at Tall Timbers Conference Center. It was a great week, although I did spend a hour one afternoon waiting for AAA to send someone to pull me out of a muddy ditch. That's a long story but it did allow me to meet lots of very hospitable neighbors on Donahue Ferry Road in Pineville.

On Friday morning I had the unexpected pleasure to meet with the Education Staff at Calvary Baptist Church of Alexandria. Gene Ortis, the Minister of Education at Calvary, invited me to meet with his staff to give an overview of LifeWay Sunday School resources as well as talk about Family Ministry. Gene has been doing excellent work there for many years and I fully enjoyed the two hours I spent with his great staff.

As part of my conversation with this staff team I reviewed the current Family Ministry Kit from LifeWay walking them through the folder items and how to use them in developing an intentional strategy and communication plan related to Family Ministry. Go to the Family Ministry tab in the Blog Categories section to see my other related blog posts about this.

Also, in preparing for this time I was reminded about two excellent resources to help churches with Family Ministry that I don't think I have mentioned here before. How to Minister to Families in Your Church and the Family's Heart are two excellent resources. You will want to get them. The first is a comprehensive administrative guide and the second contains great activities to strengthen families.

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!