Friday, February 12, 2010

"The Love Dare" Gets A Sequel

By Michael Foust

The 2008 hit movie "Fireproof" may not have had a sequel, but that's not the case with its companion bestselling book "The Love Dare," whose authors have written a one-year devotional for married couples with even more "love dares" aimed at strengthening relationships.

"The Love Dare Day by Day" includes 365 devotionals and 52 love dares -- one for each week. The original Love Dare book included 40 entries and a love dare for each day and was central to the plot of Fireproof, as the lead character did one "dare" each day -- for instance, making his wife a nice meal on Day 18 -- in an attempt to salvage his marriage.

The Love Dare is in its 72nd week on The New York Times bestseller list for paperback advice and spent multiple weeks at No. 1. Both books are published by B&H Publishing Group.

"When we were researching all the aspects that we could put in The Love Dare, there were so many more that we couldn't fit in there," Alex Kendrick, who co-authored the book with his brother Stephen, told Baptist Press. "There were so many more we were like, 'What do we do with these?' Well, as we talked to our publisher, they said, 'Can you make a devotional out of this?'

"We did not have to look very hard to find stuff. It was there. Now, it took a long time to write. As a matter of fact, we had stuff left over after the 365. Scripture is God's love letter to us. There is no shortage of God's principles."

Each chapter of The Love Dare Day by Day is one page, shorter than the two to three pages of its predecessor. The goal, Kendrick said, is for couples to go through "an entire year and together, one day at a time, research and apply these principles."

"They're in doable sections," he said. "We don't do a dare every day. We do a dare a week because we know you may not be together every day. In some respects we think it is a stronger book than the first one."


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