Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LifeWay Research: Churches Not Yet Enjoying Economic Rebound

While the U.S. economy shows signs of experiencing a "jobless recovery," the country’s 10 percent unemployment rate is keeping church budgets in a bind, a new study by LifeWay Research found. Yet in spite of the financial difficulty, many churches are launching new ministries to help families in need.

A full 35 percent of the 1,002 Protestant pastors surveyed in November 2009 said giving in their churches was flat compared to the same period in 2008. Another 29 percent said giving was down, including 18 percent who reported a decrease of 10 percent or more.

While the national economy shows signs of improving, churches don’t seem to be recovering yet and, in fact, might actually be doing a bit worse, said Ed Stetzer, director of LifeWay Research.

Click here to read the full findings of this research and companion graphs.

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