Thursday, December 17, 2009

FREE DiscipleNow Planning Guide

FREE DiscipleNow Planning Guide
A FREE Downloadable Resource from LifeWay Student Ministry

For more than a decade, youth leaders have found a DiscipleNow weekend to be a great way to reach students for Christ, encourage them in their faith, and get them excited about continuing discipleship. If you've not done one with your students before, DiscipleNow in a nutshell is a retreat held at home: big events take place at the church and small group studies happen in host homes. Students stay the weekend with their host family and a group leader.

So how do you put all the pieces together to make this kind of weekend happen? That is the question this 'planning guide' is designed to answer. We're pleased to make this guide available to you as a FREE downloadable resource.

The guide includes everything from information on the role of the DiscipleNow Coordinator, step-by-step instructions for putting a weekend together, as well as focusing on key issues such as the schedule for your weekend, budgeting, a countdown calendar and more.

We hope this helps you in your ministry. Thank you for your heart for students!

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