Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fresh Ideas For Your Church Thanksgiving Celebrations

By Diana Davis

It all began with some comments about turkey. Our church’s annual turkey dinner had grown stale. As one young couple stated, “There’s a limit to how many turkey dinners one can eat in a week!” It was time to begin a new Thanksgiving tradition.

On Sunday evening before Thanksgiving, our church family gathered in the fellowship hall for a very special Lord’s Supper celebration and a simple meal. Everyone was seated at round tables with candle centerpieces. One deacon or church staff member sat at each table, and a scrumptious meal of homemade stew and cornbread was served. At their table, each person informally shared about blessings from God during the previous year.

After dinner, lights were dimmed and the pastor led a meaningful candlelight Lord’s Supper, and we celebrated God’s greatest blessing. He directed the deacons or staff members to administer the elements to those at their table. This simple, solemn ceremony became an anticipated, well-attended tradition. And it was turkey-free.

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