Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Destination: Transformation

By Bill Craig

In our family, when we travel, my wife is the navigator. This is a role she gladly assumes because we all would prefer to end up where we are trying to go rather than wherever my sense of direction would take us. Let’s put it this way: when the TV show Lost was announced, I was certain it was going to be a documentary of my life behind the steering wheel.

As a leader in your church, do you know where the groups in your church are headed? Who is the navigator for those groups? Do they have the right destination in mind, and are they headed in the right direction?

Most church leaders I know hope that the destination of their small groups is connection to the Body of Christ and spiritual transformation in the lives of the group members. The great promise of small groups is that they will provide the environment in which people encounter a community of believers and God’s Word in such a way that the Holy Spirit will have opportunity to work in their lives.

Small Group Life was created for that very purpose—to put small groups on a journey that would lead to that very specific destination. This month’s article is from Brian Daniel, the editor of Small Group Life. This article is a thought-provoking look at the invitation to join a small group in discovery Bible study.

By the way, perhaps you’re wondering how to get a Small Group ministry organized and off the ground—or maybe you’re looking for improvement in some aspect of your Small Group ministry. Check out the resources below to help you establish, improve, and maintain significant Small Group ministry.

In Him,

Bill Craig
Director, LifeWay Leadership and Adults

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Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!