Friday, September 4, 2009

Ministering To Associate Members

One of the most challenging aspects of Sunday School ministry is ministering to Adult Associate Members. Yet, it is one of the most important elements every church faces.

When a church does a good job in ministering to adults who are serving in ministry in another area of the church outside their own class, every age-group within the church is strengthened!

Here is a great article reminding us of its importance along with some practical suggestions.

How Adult Classes Can Honor Associate Members
by David Francis

Late summer is the time of year when children are back in school, and most churches begin a new Sunday School year with something like "Promotion Day" or "Advancement Day." On this Sunday, many children move "up" to a new class and meet new teachers. Many of those teachers are new to this ministry, too. But whether they are rookies or veterans, many choose to teach kids rather than to attend their adult classes.

Unfortunately, many adult classes soon forget about those who would be members of their class were they not serving as teachers with preschoolers, children, or students. Here are a few ideas your class can use to make sure you honor these important "associate" members.

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