Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guiding Those Called To Vocational Ministry

One of the great joys that comes along in ministry is the opportunity to encourage and guide others in their sense of God's calling upon their life. This occurs at many levels but when guiding a person called to vocational ministry it can become a little more unique. Here is a practical article to help.

How to Guide Members Who Feel Called to Vocational Ministry
by Neil Knierim

While it is true that everyone is called to salvation and ministry, the church has long recognized that God uses some persons' aptitudes, interests, physical and emotional capacities, and spiritual commitment to call them into some phase of ministry as their vocation. These persons, based on their gifts and desire to serve, find that they can best devote their entire life to God’s call to a specific task.

When counseling persons exploring vocational ministry, make clear that ministry is not simply a profession but a calling. The only proper motivation is that God has called them to this decision.

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