Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday School vs. Small Groups

Sunday School? Or Small Groups? Church leaders have debated the advantages and disadvantages of each for decades, but which is best for your church?

Watch a video stream of the LifeWay event "Sunday School vs. Small Groups" online or download a FREE copy of the event, and see how both can transform your ministry.

Get your questions answered, such as:
Which is the "best" method?
Is there really any difference?
Or are they just two different names for Bible-study groups?
Why would I want off-campus groups?
Can Sunday School and Small Groups really work together?
Won't I lose Sunday School members if I start Small Groups?
Can't you have intimacy in Sunday School?
Are Small Groups ever welcoming to new members?
Why don't Small Groups seem to help with biblical literacy?
How can I keep Small Groups on target theologically when every group member has an opinion, whereas Sunday School classes have a knowledgeable teacher?

Follow this link to watch the event online, download a copy, or learn more about the event.

LifeWay experts debate Sunday school, small group question.

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