Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ways Of Worship

I have just completed a series of interviews with pastors as part of a LifeWay Research project currently in process. It has been a little different experience for me and a lot of fun. I have interviewed Baptist, Methodist, Mennonite, and Pentecostal pastors in three different states. I even had the pleasure of interviewing the pastor of a Cowboy Church. The interview questions have covered a number of facets of church life and ministry and the findings should be insightful and helpful to churches. More on this at the appropriate time.

One of the subjects of exploration in my interviews with these pastors has been the area of worship. During the interviews the pastors were very passionate and spoke at lengths about their worship experiences in their churches. This was not surprising to me because “worship” has been such a hot button of discussion and debate as to how it should be practiced in churches in order to be effective. And the pastors' understandings of worship as to what it is and how they practice it were all similar but different. The emerging principle seems to be that expressions of worship must be a cultural fit to the specific congregation and community.

These interviews have reminded me of an insightful article I read recently entitled The Ways of Worship by Lee A. Dean. You can read it here.

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!