Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Encouragement For The Economic Crisis

I am now beginning to hear of churches reducing their budgets for 2009 in the face of our global economic challenges. Some have even decided or are considering reducing their ministry staff which is always a hard thing. But in the midst of uncertainity we must remind ourselves that ministry needs and opportunities are ever present and abundant before us although they may look different at times. The key is to remain focused and deligent. Perhaps you will find a measure of personal assurance as well as some insight for ministry in the following article by Dick Towner. I did.

A Note of Assurance
by Dick Towner

Needless to say we as a country, and indeed a world, are in a unique time of financial upheaval—times which can bring with them deep concern and fear.

While not wanting to minimize the personal pain and sacrifice that many will suffer as a result of the meltdown, I do wish to sound a note of encouragement in the midst of it all. We know that God is aware of and present in all circumstances, so let’s look at some potentially bright sides of an otherwise very dark situation.

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Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!