Monday, October 6, 2008

D.I.Y. Leader Training

This weekend I participated in the Southwest Louisiana Sunday School Connection training event held at the First Baptist Church of Lafayette. It was a great experience and the folks there did a wonderful job in planning and hosting the event. Unfortunately, the attendance was low due to all the disruptions from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Most churches in Texas and Louisiana have had the launch of their ministry year similarly disrupted by the hurricanes. And many associational and church training events have had to be canceled. But, training is important because in addition to providing skill development it provides the much needed inspiration and motivation as well as encouragement and accountability toward excellence for Sunday School leaders. So, take heart if your plans have been disrupted because it’s not too late to conduct your own D.I.Y. training in your church with your leaders.

Home Depot has popularized the do-it-yourself approach to home improvement with their promotion “You can do it. We can help!” When it comes to leader training in your church, you can do it and help is available. I talked about Leadership Training and Leader Meeting Resources here on June 25. I challenge you to make good use of these resources in training and leading your church’s Sunday School leaders this year.

(Note: Supplemental resources for the Essentials for Excellence materials are also now available as free downloads.)

Remember, the goal should not be perfection, but rather progress. Work at developing an attitude and environment of “constant improvement”. With time, training, lots of patience and persistence, all saturated with prayer, you will be amazed at how things can and will change for the better and moving toward greater levels of excellence in ministry.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!