Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Developing A Sunday School Class Agenda

Sunday Schools everywhere are in the process right now of launching their new year in ministry. How will your adult classes focus themselves for their most effective ministry this year? How will they use their time on Sunday mornings to acheive the greatest impact possible? Well, here is a great article from my friend Topper Reid that can help your adult classes be at their best come Sunday mornings.

How to Develop a Sunday School Class Agenda
Written by Topper Reid

As a Minister of Education, when was the last time you observed what takes place on a typical Sunday morning in your adult Bible classes? Most likely there is some room for improvement in the Sunday morning “agenda” in each of your adult classes. Agenda has to do with what takes place in each class from the time a person walks into the class until the class concludes. Even when your leadership team has developed a great Sunday morning agenda, the challenge of doing it with excellence remains a weekly challenge.

There are several key ingredients that make up the typical adult class agenda on a given Sunday morning. Here are a few common ingredients: greeter in place, arrival activities, fellowship time, announcements, introduction of guests, prayer time, mission report, outreach report, care group time, statistical report from class secretary, Bible study and closing. Each of the ingredients should have a person that is responsible for implementing each portion of the agenda. It is critical that each person be prepared and do his part with excellence.

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