Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Beginning Of A Missional Sunday School

Here is the second of Bruce Raley's articles about the Missional Sunday School.

Realization of Purpose – The Beginning of a Missional Sunday School
Written by Bruce Raley

Last month I began a series of discussion articles on missional Sunday School. It was established “a missional Sunday School is a reproducing community of authentic disciples being equipped as missionaries sent by God to live and proclaim His Word in their world.” The emphasis in a missional Sunday School is placed not on the leader, nor even on the class itself. While both of these are essential to a successful Sunday School, the ultimate goal is for the life of the individual class member to be transformed by the Word in such a way that everyday life is impacted. In other words, because of the teaching and learning of God’s Word, class members are making an impact in the culture and environment in which they live.

Three key elements are involved in a missional Sunday School. Will Mancini in his book Church Unique, defines these elements as: (1) The concept of our collective purpose (2) Our culture (3) Our capacity.

A missional Sunday School begins with a realization of purpose. And there is more to this than meets the eye.

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