Thursday, July 10, 2008

Minister Of Education As Sunday School Director

Several thoughts bring me to this blog entry. I believe most Ministers of Education (1) have not been trained to know or understand what their primary role or focus in ministry should be, (2) they have not had it role-modeled for them, (3) therefore, they don't know how to assume that role or gain that focus, (4) and/or they are terribly distracted and disrupted by all the “putting out fires and killing snakes” of church life further hindering them from effective and impactful leadership.

I won’t try to elaborate each of these points, but I do generally sense as I talk with Ministers of Education that most don’t know what to be doing, how to do it, or seem distracted from ever getting around to it. Thus, they remain stuck as administrative generalists maintaining the machinery of mostly status quo church life. So, let me make a recommendation.

I have talked here before at various times about the intentional and strategic use of the Sunday School in reaching and retaining people, and in my last blog entry I referred to the fantastic article entitled Sunday School in a Simple Church by Eric Geiger and David Francis. So, knowing what I know now, I think if I were starting over as a new Minister of Education I would choose instead to use the title “Sunday School Director”. This title and position is not as commonly used today as it once was because more churches have “paid staff” to give this type leadership. Unfortunately, what has developed is what I have observed above. As never before there is a need for Ministers of Education to reclaim their role and focus as the primary leaders of their Sunday Schools and lead with effectiveness and impact. It is the one ministry organization that every church already has. It is the one ministry strategy that works (when done right) in reaching, teaching, and ministering to people.

Let me encourage you to explore the new National Sunday School Director Conference on-line study from LifeWay. This is an excellent foundation for Pastors, Ministers of Education, and even Sunday School Directors! Perhaps it will be just the thing needed to help you make a new beginning as the new ministry year approaches.

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!