Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Every disciple possesses the necessary qualities and equipment to become like Christ. The moment we trust Christ for forgiveness the divine transformation begins. The blood of Christ covers our sin and the power of the resurrected Lord surges through our dead spirit raising it to eternal life. That initial stage of transformation stands completed at conversion.

However, additional work remains before disciples clearly reflect His glory. Though that additional transformation remains an activity of God and not man, He clearly gives each disciple personal responsibility for growth. God changes us as we learn more about His ways and follow Him in obedience.

Download the free 2008 Church Discipleship Strategy Guide and the inserts to help you implement a discipleship strategy in your church.

Spiritual Growth Assessment Tool

Spanish Language Versions of Discipleship Planning Guide and Assessment Tool. Note: This is the previous version of the Planning Guide. A Spanish version of the 2008 guide is coming soon.

Manual administrativo de discipulado
Manual para la planificacion del discipulado

Foundations for Discipleship

Start now setting your church’s course for a discipleship strategy that produces world changers through the power of God. Your discipleship strategy should be intentional, comprehensive, transformational, accountable, focused, and relevant.

What is the Purpose of a Discipleship Plan
Begin Discipleship Ministry with an EndVision

Develop a Strategy
The steps in the PDF below provide a comprehensive process for developing a discipleship strategy in your church. If this is your initial attempt to build an intentional plan of discipleship, accomplishing every step may be difficult. Review the list and choose steps best suited to your situation.

Steps to a Discipleship Strategy
5 Teaching Principles for Spiritual Transformation
8-Step Strategy to Spiritual Growth

How to Get Started
The following individual downloads from the Discipleship Planner will help you as you put your discipleship strategy into action. They will help you lay out a vision for your leaders as to where the disciple is heading, the skills they should develop, and results they should expect.

Personal Growth Plan - New Disciple
Personal Growth Plan - Growing Disciple
Discipleship Skills Training Plan - Chart view
Discipleship Calander Plan - Chart View
Discipleship Leadership Team Form
Small Group FAQs

Downloadable Resources
Download the free 2008 Church Discipleship Strategy Guide and the inserts to help you implement a discipleship strategy in your church.

Transformational Discipleship: Your Church Helping People Be Like Jesus by Barry Sneed and Roy Edgemon. Transformational Discipleship helps church leaders develop or strengthen the discipleship ministry of their church. It assists churches, regardless of size, to create an environment and build a foundation for spiritual transformation.

Articles and Minstry Helps
Here are other articles and ministry helps that may meet a specific need you have.

Top Ten Tips for Spiritual Transformation
Discipleship and Sunday School
3 Ways Mentors Build Disciples
4 Reasons Discipleship Groups Help Christians Grow
5 Signs Discipleship Transforms a Believer’s Life
Essential Discipleship Needs of Adults

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