Friday, June 20, 2008

A Spiritual Development Process--Connect, Grow, Serve & Go

Another important conversation I am having right now with Pastors and Ministers of Education has to do with having an intentional spiritual development plan or process as the strategic basis of their church ministry. When I ask questions related to this I often get the “deer in the headlights” look. It seems many church leaders are still stuck in the “programming” mode and they haven’t yet shifted their thinking to “process”.

Well, some great help is now available. Many churches have been conceptually helped by the book Simple Church and its call for churches to develop a ministry strategy or discipleship process that incorporates clarity, movement, alignment, and focus. But many churches have yet to get traction in working this through on a practical basis. They can’t answer the question as to what this might look like in their particular church. Good news! More help is now available from LifeWay and its new adult ministry strategy–Connect, Grow, Serve & Go. Not only does this spiritual development plan or process provide practical direction that any church can understand and incorporate, it also easily identifies resources to facilitate each part of the process.

If a church is looking for a ready-made plan or process to follow, here is one to use. If a church already has one in place, here is a great way to reinforce or resource what they are already doing. I wrote here some time ago that two of my favorite words are intentional and strategic. This is a great way to do both!

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!