Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leadership Training And Leader Meeting Resources

I was talking here last time about the critical importance of conducting leadership training as well as on-going leader meetings to keep leaders inspired, informed, and moving forward in ministry, and I suggested some ideas. But what about resources to use for leadership training and on-going leader meetings? Here are several suggestions for you with links where you can further explore these training and leader resources.

Essentials for Excellence - This resource is the foundational administrative guide for conducting Sunday School ministry for all ages and is a great template to follow in building or rebuilding a Sunday School.

The Five-Step Formula for Sunday School Growth - This is a contemporary treatment by David Francis of the classic, time-tested Flake’s Formula in growing a Sunday School.

3D Sunday School series - This annual series of training modules developed by David Francis focuses on the essential functions of Sunday School ministry-Invite (Reach), Discover (Teach), and Connect (Minister).

  • 3D Sunday School - this is the introductory overview
  • I-6 Invite - this piece focuses on reaching
  • Discover Triad - this piece focuses on teaching
  • Connect - this yet to be released piece will focus on ministering

Sunday School Done Right - This training resource developed by Alan Taylor focuses on classic Sunday School principles and practices and is highly inspiring and motivating. This is a great resource to use for a training event or to use selected segments through the year to further train and motivate leaders.

Ten Best Practices To Make Your Sunday School Work - This is a great resource to use for a training event or to take one practice at a time to use as the theme for monthly leader meetings. I have used this more than once as short mini-training segments in my monthly leader meetings with good results.

Again, I don’t think one specific plan will necessarily fit the needs of every church all the time. Be creative, flexible, and persistent in training and leading your leaders. Don’t give up on this challenging aspect of leadership because it’s vital to your ministry effectiveness and impact!

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!