Thursday, June 19, 2008

Creating New Bible Study Classes

My travel schedule has been heavy the last few weeks and I have been slow in posting a new blog entry. But, here I am again.

As I have been visiting churches recently and talking with Pastors and Ministers of Education, I have had several conversations about starting new Bible Study classes. These conversations have been timely because now is the time to be busy preparing for new classes for the fall.

As I talk to individuals or in conferences about starting new classes I enjoy telling fishing stories as illustrations. Hey, everybody loves a good fishing story! Have you been trotline fishing lately? Maybe this form of fishing is new to you and you need to be educated here.
As a small boy growing up in Northeast Texas along the Red River I spent lots of time fishing with my dad and older brother. I will spare you any trotline fishing stories for now, but they make a great point about starting new Bible Study classes. Here it is…the more hooks you have in the water with more varieties of bait, the more fish you catch. And the same is true at church! The more classes we have and the more variety of classes we have available, the more people we can attract and assimilate into the life of the church. So, are you planning to do some fishing in your church any time soon? Maybe you need to.

Creating new Bible Study classes can be challenging work, but it is the single most effective strategy for reaching and retaining more people in your church. Here is a great web page from LifeWay that has all the resources you need in your tackle box to be successful in creating new classes for all ages.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!