Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Willow Creek’s “Huge Shift” Something To Watch

For many years churches and church leaders everywhere have followed closely the ministry of Willow Creek Community Church trying to emulate their “success”. It will be interesting now to watch and learn from Willow Creek’s “huge shift” in their ministry strategy and target audience. See the article Willow Creek’s ‘Huge Shift’ from Christianity Today. Be sure to also see the other related articles it links at the bottom for more background details and commentary.

I commend Willow Creek’s leadership for asking of themselves hard questions and being willing to make some big changes. Good leaders have the foresight and courage to do so. However, it’s far too soon to formulate hard opinions. Perhaps they can use their creative and innovative energies from the past to give themselves a makeover from which we can all further learn and benefit.

So, join me in putting this story on our radar screens to watch and learn.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!