Friday, May 9, 2008

Why Is Reaching People So Important?

I’ve been talking this week about how to keep Sunday School fresh and focused, reaching unchurched people, and reclaiming absentees. Because it’s so easy in the rush of the routine to lose sight of our goal, we need to be constantly reminded about why reaching people is so important.

Here’s a short article from David Frasure that speaks to our core value of reaching lost and unchurched people that’s a good reminder for us.

Why Is Reaching People So Important?
Written by David Frasure

One core value your church's Sunday School ministry is reaching lost and unchurched people. Sometimes Sunday School teachers and classes can lose sight of this foundational principle of small group ministry. Let’s look at four fundamental reasons to keep outreach a top priority of your Sunday School.

  1. God commands it in His Word.
  2. People cannot be discipled until they are first reached.
  3. It creates a healthy church focus.
  4. It is fulfilling for God’s people.

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