Thursday, May 29, 2008

Technology In Churches

I have talked in my last couple of blog posts about making shifts in ministry strategies and methodologies because of the availability of new technologies or in response to cultural swings and the resulting need for continuing education for church leaders in today’s ministry climate.

This post is related in that I want to direct you to two recent studies released by the Barna Research Group about the use of technology in churches as well as some commentary about these studies by Ed Stetzer. You can find the Barna studies here and here. Ed Stetzer’s commentary about these studies is found here on his blog.

I have seen some individuals and churches so enamored with technology and its use that they overwhelm their people audience. They seem so caught up in the latest technological gadgets and gizmos that the intended message gets lost. As a result, they end up miscommunicating rather than communicating well. But, I do think technology is an important and helpful tool for ministry when used appropriately, which for me means using it at a level that is acceptable to the particular audience and in a way that enables and enhances communication.

So, check out the Barna studies and Ed’s comments. Explore how you can make your next shift in ministry effectiveness by using more technology, or less. But remember, though we may be able to communicate more effectively with people through technology, we lead people face to face and heart to heart.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!