Thursday, May 8, 2008

Preventing And Reclaiming Absentees

Our Sunday School ministries are all about Reaching (Invite), Teaching (Discover), and Ministering (Connect); and it is easy in the midst of it all to begin to lose touch with some members who become less and less actively involved.

Keeping up with absentees can be a challenge, but if we organize and prioritize for this essential ministry function, we can do a better job at keeping our back doors closed.

Here is an article with some practical suggestions in planning a better ministry to Sunday School members in order to prevent them from becoming absentees and reclaiming them if necessary.

Where Have All the People Gone?
Written by Richard E. Dodge

Close your eyes for a moment. Try to recall people who have not attended your class during the last three months. If you can't recall their names, it's been too long since you contacted them. If you can't recall their faces but know that some people simply have dropped out, ask yourself why no one in your class has responded. It’s time to have some fun and renew friendships with members and friends.

Plan an outreach and recovery campaign around the theme, "It's So Nice to Be with You!" Develop a plan, prepare a banner or poster and decorate around this theme. Develop a strategy for contacting all chronic absentees. Regardless of the season or weather, it's always great to be with Christian friends and families.

Plan small-group get-togethers as well as fellowship activities with everyone in the class participating. Sometimes getting chronic absentees involved after long absences is easier when uninvolved adults renew friendships with friends in a small-group setting, such as dinner with one or two other couples. Then connect them with unfamiliar members who have joined recently.

Consider these steps as you start the planning process:

  1. Identify chronic absentees by name.
  2. Update your contact information.
  3. Match people by interests.
  4. Prepare a schedule for contacts and responses.
  5. Make long-term adoptions.
  6. See the prevention possibilities.

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