Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Has Sunday School Become Too Familiar?, Part 2

So, how do we keep Sunday School fresh? How do we keep from letting it become so familiar to us that we loose our sense of purpose, our willingness to work hard, and our joy in the experience of it all?

Yes, we do need to: (1) stay focused on our purpose, (2) work hard on basic foundational principles and practices while using some creativity, and (3) we need to have some fun.

But, perhaps one of the contributing culprits is that many of us have become too far removed by time and emotion from our sense of lostness, hopelessness, or loneliness. Perhaps we have been a believer so long that we have forgotten what life was like before we became a believer—lost, hopeless, and alone. Maybe we just need to be reminded what life is like without a personal relationship with Christ to help us get refocused on helping others know Him too.

But how do we help people reconnect? To move beyond the mere routine? To help them refocus? To help them regain a sense of eagerness to plunge headlong into the great challenges and joys of Sunday School ministry?

Here are at least some of my beginning thoughts:

(1) Telling our stories/testimonies – as we tell our faith journey stories

  • we see and hear others model their faith
  • we strengthen and reconnect emotionally with our own faith experience
  • we increase our desire for others to also share our same experience of faith
  • we are motivated to share our faith with others

(2) Ministry projects/Mission trips – as we get involved with others in ministry projects or mission trips

  • we are exposed to and identify with the needs and hurts of others
  • we experience a renewed spirit as we give ourselves away to others and are motivated to do it more
  • we connect deeply with other believers on a spiritual level as we minister together

And also … I think it is important to observe that through the ministry of Sunday School as we Reach (Invite) we address “lostness”, as we Teach (Discover) we address “hopelessness”, and as we Minister (Connect) we address “loneliness”. May our tribe increase!

What do you think? I am interested in hearing from you.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!