Friday, May 2, 2008

Finding Prospects And Keeping Up With Members On The Internet

In my April 24 post entitled Is Our Evangelism “Ladder” Against The Wrong Wall? I stated that churches must create effective internet sites and other “user friendly” tools as “front doors” for unchurched people. Here is a great article that speaks to this issue, and it links to three other articles you won’t want to miss.

Social Networks: A Way to Find Prospects and Keep Up with Members?
Written by Aaron Linne

… Does your church need to be involved in a social network? I can assure you that your students are on MySpace, and young adults are probably already connected on Facebook. The advantage of a social network for your church is that it’s simply another channel to get information to people. Is there a way to use social networks in the same way you have been using phone prayer chains?

Does your worship team need to communicate during the week to plan and coordinate and pray together to be prepared to lead worship on Sunday. Can you use the Internet to link up faster with a visitor who might ask more questions about the church through a social network chat? How well do you connect with member who move away? The social network system can keep them linked with things back home and can also help you know how to pray for them as they seek a new church home.

Social networks aren’t simply a newfangled technology fad. They represent places to find people, and they serve as a hub for friendships and relationships. Make it a point to set up your own social network account. As you begin to connect with old friends and others in the ministry, consider how your church can develop a social ministry mindset.

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