Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Develop An Environment For Outreach And Ministry

One of the areas of church ministry that requires high energy and attention to keep it alive and well is the area of Outreach Ministry. By its nature it takes constant work enlisting, training, motivating, and energizing. It’s an essential area of ministry and must not be neglected.

Here are ten helpful suggestions of small things that could add together to make a big impact thru the Outreach Ministry of your Sunday School.

Develop an Environment for Outreach and Ministry
Written by Richard E. Dodge

One of the most exciting parts of leading Sunday School training conferences has been listening to the results of group assignments. One group report during a National Sunday School Leadership Conference event, stood out as unusually creative. The report given by Crystal Hicks, from First Baptist Church, McAlister, Oklahoma, and Regina Hargrove, from First Baptist Church East, Lawton, Oklahoma, provided tips that can help leaders of Adult Bible Study Groups in general.

Their assignment was to create a list of ways to make their Bible study group more outreach and ministry sensitive. Here are their 10 suggestions:

  1. Have designated greeters at the door each week.

  2. Have registration forms and sharpened pencils available before the session begins.

  3. Have name tags for everyone each week.

  4. Be sure there always is at least one empty chair in the room.

  5. Provide food and beverages before the session.

  6. Play age-appropriate music in the background as people arrive.

  7. Make sure materials posted on the walls are appropriate to the lesson and unit being studied.
  8. Write prayer needs on a marker board or chalkboard and leave these posted for the coming weeks.

  9. Ask the outreach-evangelism leader to photocopy information gathered from newcomers and provide this information to someone for immediate follow-up.

  10. Be certain your Bible study leader's name, telephone number, and email address are visible for all members and newcomers to see.

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