Thursday, May 1, 2008

Walking The Church Tightrope ... Balance

The book of James (James 2:14) tells us that our faith and deeds go together which implies that balance becomes important. This not only applies to our personal lives, but to our churches as well.

Similarly, it is important that our evangelism and discipleship emphases in our church ministries be in balance. The bottom line is that there must be balance between Discipleship and reaching new people for Christ.

Topper Reid addresses this need for balance in Walking the Church Tightrope … Balance found in Developing Churches, volume 5, issue 3. He makes some good observations about the current state of churches, suggests some excellent practical action points, and concludes with a great challenge toward keeping Sunday morning experiences top priority in our churches. Thanks, Topper!

Read his article Walking the Church Tightrope … Balance on pages 18-19 @

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