Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Our Evangelism Ladder Against The Wrong Wall?

Don’t miss two critically important news stories released yesterday by Baptist Press -- Unchurched Less Likely to Come to Church @ and SBC Baptisms: Lowest Since ’87 @

I would also encourage you to read Ed Stetzer’s commentary about these -- New Evangelism Research @ and Breaking News @

For me, here are some key take-aways from these recent news releases:

  1. Unchurched people don’t actively seek a church, churched people do.
  2. If churches focus primarily on reaching guests they are focusing on the wrong crowd.
  3. Unchurched people aren’t asking the same questions or looking for truth in the same places as churched people do.
  4. Churches are using the wrong “yardsticks” to measure their success.
  5. Churched people are too busy “doing” church rather than “being” the church.
  6. Churches must create effective internet sites and other “user friendly” tools as “front doors” for unchurched people.

I actually was commenting about this in my blog post for March 26, A Look At The Church In America @ when I said “evangelism should become characterized as off-campus, missional, going, relational, informal, spontaneous vs. on-campus, institutional, coming, presentational, formal, organized”.

Regardless of our perspectives on various denominational positions or personalities, this recent news should cause us to pause and personally reassess the question … as for me and my church, is our evangelism "ladder" against the wrong wall?

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!