Monday, April 21, 2008 An Online Learning Community -- It’s Free & Accessible!

I mentioned in my blog post for Wednesday, April 16th. Here is a great way to find some quality training for free online for you to use for yourself, your staff, or the volunteer leaders in your church.

About three years ago I met Bob Shelton, Team Leader of the Strengthening Churches Team for the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists ( and I was part of a planning team for a state training event in Arizona and Bob had come to videotape some of the training sessions as part of a new partnership between the Canadian Convention and the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. I quickly made a new friend because of our shared passion for Mexican food and baseball!

As part of Bob’s work he has led out in developing a wonderful online training tool for church leaders across Canada and now beyond. I encourage you to explore You can access it through or You will find some overlap in training offerings between these two portals but also some different offerings as well, so search them both. You will find a wide range of training conferences available that could be a helpful source for leadership development for you and your ministry. And the best part…it’s all free and accessible right now on your computer!

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!