Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Consumerism Or Community In Our Churches? And Your Church Magazine

The January/February issue of Your Church Magazine carried an article by Kevin Ford entitled The Corrosion of Consumerism that caught me right between the eyes. Here is an excerpt…

“The quality of community is the quintessential test of the health of a church. Community begins to develop when individuals in the church experience deep, caring relationships; social connections; and a strong personal commitment to the church's mission. Unfortunately, few church leaders are skilled at developing an environment where meaningful and transforming relationships will occur. They desire community, but often don't know how to build it and fail to recognize the impact the American consumer culture has in the church.

By focusing primarily on meeting "market" needs, the church often functions in production mode—the endless creation of the best possible programs, products, and events. While such a search for excellence is, by itself, a positive—even biblical—pursuit, the machinery of endless production works against the development of community.

It is a mistake to think that the church can adopt a consumer-oriented strategy, reach people, and then convert them into lovers of creative community. Too many churches succumb to this "bait and switch" type of strategy.

So how does a church move from creating consumers in the pews to transformed saints?”

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