Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What’s Up With Christian Education Ministry?

The ministry of Christian Education in the local church has been my life-long pursuit. It has been my calling, my passion, and my vocation. It began for me as a VBS helper when just in the seventh grade. I have been incredibly blessed by countless volunteer leaders in the churches where I have grown and served. I have been molded and shaped by some of the very finest ministry leaders and professors ever produced in Baptist life. I am the recipient of a rich heritage for which I have a deep gratitude and sense of stewardship. As a result, I have great interest in what is taking place in church life and ministry, especially Christian Education, and how it continues to emerge into the future. But with our world and our churches changing at an ever increasing rate, what does the future perhaps look like?

Bruce Railey, Director of Leadership Ministry Training and Events at LifeWay Christian Resources has recently addressed this question in two articles entitled Four Current Trends In Education Ministry and Current Trends in Education Ministry (Part 2). Bruce is a great person and ministry leader. If you don’t know him personally, you need to. He is an engaging person and passionate leader. In a recent conversation with him while attending the annual B.A.C.E. Conference in Houston (http://www.baptisteducators.org/) I discovered that in addition to being passionate about Educational Ministry in the local church, he is also passionate about landscaping and gardening. Hey, way to go Bruce. It sounds like a tremendously therapeutic hobby!

In his articles he shares some top Education Ministry trends he is observing. Check out his articles below. Maybe you are observing or experiencing some of the same things, or are about to. Personally, I am encouraged that there seems to be a renewed interest in Education Ministry, but highly concerned that the role of the “true” Minister of Education seems to be fading. The essential place for Christian Education in our churches remains as important as ever and it needs a champion in every church.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!


Four Current Trends In Education Ministry
Written by Bruce Railey

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Current Trends In Education Ministry (Part 2)
Written by Bruce Railey

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