Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Of My Favorite Words…“Intentional” And “Strategic”

I highly commend to you Ed Stetzer’s blog. You hopefully have already been reading some of his stuff like Breaking the Missional Code and Comeback Churches. He is currently the Director of LifeWay Research and is an insightful ministry thinker from whom we can learn much.

As I was reading his post for March 26 entitled Ministry Toolbox, Quotes, Purpose Driven, and Comeback Churches, I encountered two of my favorite words…“intentional” and “strategic”. I am not sure how these have developed for me, but it seems for the last couple of years or so they have been popping up often in the things I’m reading and in my conversations with other ministry leaders.

Ed was talking about the influence of The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life movements. I have not been a particular fan of these primarily because of the mistake that so many churches make in trying to replicate ministry models rather than applying ministry principles. I guess because it’s easier to be a church programmer than a missiologist. But, I must be quick to say that I have embraced many of the principles and resources from these movements and have tried to apply them in the churches where I have served, especially the emphasis of seeking to become more “intentional” and “strategic”. And I think Ed is right, these movements have helped churches develop a better “outward” focus.

So check out Ed’s blog and the article he references in his March 26 entry, Purpose Driven Resources Help “Comeback” Churches. I think you will find them worth your reading.

Until next time…share the journey and enjoy the ride!


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